paradoxlost / plugin profile manager


Bringing this back for the emulator scene

  • Creates the ability to have custom plugin profiles for characters
  • Handles all characters on all worlds
  • Can do per character custom profiles
  • MS XML 4
What does this actually do?
It changes the active decal plugins right before you log into a specific character so you don't have to deal with having every plugin loaded all the time.
Where is the editor?
Drakier has been kind enough to supply an out of game editor: PiMPEd
I edited my config file, but nothing seems to have happened, why?
This can happen if you edit the file while you are still logged into the game. Plugin manager is a filter which is always active if ac is open. I strongly suggest you never edit the file with ac open because you could possibly lose those changes.

This can also happen when installed under Program Files and PiMPEd is not run as administrator.